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Web-based Supplier Management


Service Certainty Ltd is a new and Independent name to the Supply Management arena, formed by some of the industry’s most experienced and successful individuals in Network management. The team have developed a range of services to facilitate the relationship between Suppliers and Customers. The first of these to launch is imageproof.


Business and private individuals can use the imageproof service for almost any straightforward photo assignment. For more specialised instructions, we will use our database of approved photographers to refer you to the most suitable for your needs. Whether you want a wedding photographer or a pet portrait, we have the right specialist at the right time.

Service Certainty Director

Liam Nye, Chief Executive

Liam started the Service Certainty business following a career spanning almost twenty years in the provision of services to the insurance and public sectors.Liam Nye

He has spent the last four years as an executive of a highly respected International Supply and Service industry business, honing his entrepreneurial skills across thirty-two countries. His previous success includes the building of an independent specialist automotive repair network across the UK and a unique supply chain control product enabling small independent suppliers to access the Corporate market.

His early experiences draw from many industries, including Banking, IT, Web Development, Marketing and Sales negotiating at all levels.

Having brought together a team of long known and trusted Directors, Liam is ensuring that the business follows a well practiced path to success.

Outside of his business interests, Liam shares his time between his wife and two young children, local junior football team, Parish council, the golf course and socialising with friends.


Service Certainty Ltd has been created to service the needs of the Insurance market by providing supplier cost control and network management, wherever they may be required. The first product to capture the imagination of the Insurer market is imageproof, a next-day professional photography service for rapid damage assessment and validation, tailored to the needs of Motor, Household and Commercial Insurers and their suppliers.

As an independent supplier in the claim process, imageproof provides unbiased evidence which enables Customers to rapidly make their investigation and validation decisions. The bespoke web-based service enables the flow of information between Customers and Photographers without manual administration or intervention.

Another product under development is petproof, designed to streamline the authorisation and payment processes between Pet insurers and veterinary practices.

Other products are under consideration and development for the future, all designed to assist the forward thinking Insurer. More news will follow as products become available.