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Service Certainty Ltd is a new and Independent name to the Insurance services arena. Formed by some of the industry's most experienced and successful individuals in Network and Claims management, the team have developed a range of services to facilitate the relationship between Insurer Clients and the Insurance Market.

It is the aim of the business to help Insurers mitigate risks and control expenditure, whilst improving Client service. A number of initiatives are being developed for Household and Motor Insurers, and the first scheme to go live is imageproof

It has never been more important for Insurers to make the right decision, both at Policy inception and the First Notification of Loss. imageproof is our service to provide quick access to high quality digital images to insurers at both opportunities.
Insurers make profit, not because of the risks they underwrite, but the risks they don't The Insurer who uses the Inception Protection of pre-Policy images will deter against fraudulent new business. Access to the images will enable the Insurer to validate genuine claims and deal with them quickly and fairly.

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"A picture tells a thousand words"

Images following FNOL help claim handlers to admit or deny liability, or instruct detailed investigations in the early days of the claim.

Reforms to Ministry of Justice rules, and the imperative to Treat Customers Fairly, both add to the pressure for fast decision making. imageproof is the service to enable those decisions to be made early.

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Service Certainty Ltd has been created to service the needs of the Insurance market by providing supplier cost control and network management, wherever they may be required. The first product to capture the imagination of the Insurer market is imageproof, a next-day professional photography service for rapid damage assessment and validation, tailored to the needs of Motor, Household and Commercial Insurers and their suppliers.

As an independent supplier in the claim process, imageproof provides unbiased evidence which enables Customers to rapidly make their investigation and validation decisions. The bespoke web-based service enables the flow of information between Customers and Photographers without manual administration or intervention.

Another product under development is petproof, designed to streamline the authorisation and payment processes between Pet insurers and veterinary practices.

Other products are under consideration and development for the future, all designed to assist the forward thinking Insurer. More news will follow as products become available.